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Please note additional discounts are offered for ordering multiple services...

Animal Rentals

From domestic to imported animals, we have great connections in order to fulfill your event needs. Also, do not forget about petting zoos for children’s parties.
Please contact us for more details…

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Seal It Forever Events can help you with all of your technical requirements. From delivery to set up and tear down, we can work with your budget to bring an event to the next level.
Please contact us for more details…

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Balloon Design/Decor

We have our in house specialists who can create the most stunning works of art with balloons for any event. We design, deliver, set up & tear down after the event. Also available are tiny balloon artists for children’s parties.
Please contact us for more details…

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Beauty & Health

We know your special Wedding Day deserves special attention and that’s why we have the best referrals you can trust. Book our Wedding Planning services and we can help you with hair, make-up, teeth whitening & so much more…
Please contact us for more details…

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Bridal Ceremony Rentals

Together with your dreams and our expertise, we can procure for you all the necessary ceremony rentals. From arches to floral vases, we have you covered.
Please contact us for more details…

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Butterfly Releases

Imagine large monarch butterflies being released into the air on your bridal ceremony.
Imagine the beauty of it all on photo or on video. We will pick up the butterflies directly from a local farm in Southern California and you don’t have to worry about the little details. Please contact us for more details…

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Cakes & Supplies

Our catering department can create the perfect Bridal cake for any themed wedding.
We are also able to create 3D lifelike cakes that will dazzle your senses. We have an extensive picture collection for your viewing. Your price will include delivery as well.
Please contact us for more details…

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The lost art of exquisite hand writing is brought back to life with this wonderful service.
Perfect for special occasions as well as used for multiple projects.
Please contact us for your project requirements...

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Feel like Cinderella on your special day! Different style horse-drawn carriages are available for many occasions. We will discuss the intended locations and various transportation requirements
Call us for your unique experience…

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Catering (20 cuisines)

Enjoy our wonderful full service catering service for any type of event. We can assemble for you a beautiful buffet spread, a formal sit-down dinner type service or even a hybrid buffet where guests can enjoy server passed hors d’oeuvres and special entrees.

These are the types of cuisines we offer:

American BBQ
Cuban & Caribbean 
Middle Eastern

These are the types of catering related services:
(Artisan bread will be displayed on each table)
No-alcohol Beverage Service
Alcohol Beverage Service
Breakfast/Omelette Bar & Lunch Menu
Appetizers Display Bar or Tray Passed
Cheese & Crackers Display
Soup Bar/Salad Bar
Fresh Fruit Display/Vegetable Display
Pasta Station
Carving Station
Seafood Bar     Taco Bar
Dessert Bar & Baked Goods
Chocolate Fountains / Chocolate Bar
Ice Cream Catering & Italian Ice
Fruit Baskets & Candy Bouquets
Gourmet Gift Baskets
Margarita Machines
Coffee & Tea Service/English Tea Party
Carnival Foods (Popcorn machine,
hot dogs, cotton candy, shaved ice, etc.)

How to order:

Call us with your type of cuisine required and any other service requested
We will then email you the complete menus and detailed instructions and pricing.
We can set up an appointment to complete the process or in some instances complete it over the phone.

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CD/DVD Duplication

Looking for promotional or personal requirements? We can help you achieve your project with the knowledge of the best tech experts in town. From design to completion, we can finish your project in a timely fashion.
Please contact us for your specific project requirements…

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Chair Covers

Chair covers provide the ultimate finishing touch to your special event. From fine polyester to poly-cotton blends and special fabrics, Seal It Forever Events can make your event truly memorable.
Chair Covers and their accessories can be rented and prices reflect delivery, set up, tear-down and pick up seven days a week. With our professional staff, you can rest assured they will be professionally fitted, installed, dry cleaned and pressed ready for your special occasion. There are several colors to choose from. Usual colors for weddings are white and ivory, our best sellers.

However, we have 3 levels of chair covers:
Level One: White or Beige/Ivory with or without sashes
Level Two: Semi-Custom Chair Covers (many colors to choose from)
Level Three: Custom Décor
Please contact us for your consultation…

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Children's Parties

We can plan, design & produce the very best party ever!
Every child is special and should be treated accordingly. From decor to food to entertainment, we have you covered.

A small sample of services we can provide:

DJ/Karaoke for children
Comedy & Magic
Costumed Characters
Clowns & Face Painters
Balloon Artists
Carnival games & rides
Themed decor
Cinderella fairytale parties
Doll parties
Children's Menus
Small sized tables & chairs party rentals
& so much more...
Please contact us for more details...

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Décor, DJ's, Entertainers, Party Rentals, Themed Parties.

Concierge / Messenger

Available for private or corporate events, we will help you with your requests for information or safely and efficiently deliver packages on time and on short notice. Please contact how we can facilitate your day…

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Our talent and connections in the fashion industry can help you achieve your desired look for that special occasion. From Costumed Weddings to Masquerade Balls, we will research and design or rent the perfect outfits. Please contact us for more details…

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Dance Instructions

Need to make a great first impression on your wedding’s first dance? We have patient and experienced instructors ready to assist you for your formal dance lessons. Group or Private lessons are available. Please contact us for class schedules or to book your private lesson.


Seal It Forever Events celebrates the essence of creativity, simplicity, pastel colors to dramatic effects, modern luxury and refined taste. Let us show you how we can bring your event to the next level. Most items are available for purchase or rental.

Here's a short list that will make your event sparkle:

Asian inspired props & accessories
Tension fabric
Tension props
Quality artwork
Holiday Decor
Novelty Lights
Bridal Decor
Arts & Crafts
Ballroom Decor
Ceiling Treatments
Table & unique centerpieces
Set Entrances
Neon Signs
Unique Sets
Outdoor Furniture  
Modern Furniture
Period & Themed Furniture
Themed Props
Foam Products
Metal & Plastic Props
Pipe & Drape
Pool Covers & Lighting
All types of columns
Special Effects
Faux & Real greenery & trees
& so much more...

Please contact us for your special consultation…

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Disc Jockeys (DJ's)

Not all DJ’s are alike, we will help you book the right one for your specific event.
Emcees and multilingual presenters are also available.
Please contact us for more details…

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Dove Releases

Doves represent peace, hope and pure joy. Available for release on your special wedding day. They are specially trained and well taken care of. The trainers will guide you through the whole process.
Contact us for more details…

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Seal It Forever Events has a huge database of qualified entertainers from which we have trusted our events to. Our connections in the entertainment industry has opened new doors to raw talent as well as established performers in all categories.
We will discuss your event’s requirements and plan out a great night to remember.
Contact us for more details…

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Event Planning/Coordination

We have different plans for every type of event. Your event should be planned in the utmost care and experience that only few planners can compare. Our passion for details is second to none. We will help you every step of the way before, during and after your event.
Contact us as soon as possible because simply put, the sooner the better and let’s sit down together and browse all the possibilities…

Financing/Bridal Loans

Today’s average southern California wedding ranges anywhere between $ 20,000 to $26,000. A bridal loan may be a good option for your families to consider. The companies we refer have extensive experience in recommending the right solution to fit your needs and specialize in wedding loans. Don’t put off another day, your dream wedding is just a phone call away…

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Floral Design/Décor

Our in-house designers can assemble simple creations to the most complicated ones keeping your budget in mind. We work with all kinds of materials to bring out the best in creativity and your suggestions are very welcome. Make your dream a reality from traditional western floral décor to exotic designs and Asian inspired works of art.
Contact us for more information…

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Ice Sculptures

This service is part of our catering department and adds a phenomenal look to your event. Ice sculptures can be used as décor with or without special lighting, used to cool your food and you can use them to cool down drinks as well. Our expert designers use the finest crystal clear water and can design from scratch. Bring your imagination to life!
Contact us for more details…

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(Weddings & other Events)
People will pay for car insurance, life insurance, home insurance and so forth. Why not protect your major investment from life’s unexpected moments. We will guide you and refer you to the best companies out there no matter what event is to be covered.
Contact us for more details…

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From time to time we receive special promotions from jewelry companies offering special discounts not available to the general public. When you book your event planning service with us, you will be notified of any specials.
If you are interested in faux jewelry, you may browse our shopping website , just type in jewelry in the search button.
Please contact us with any questions you may have…


Take your event to the next level with live karaoke service. All the equipment and song lists are installed, tested and ready to go. Be a star at your own party or make someone else’s singing dream come true! Children’s karaoke parties are also available…
Contact us for more details…

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Legal Services

For those individuals seeking legal advice before or after a marriage, we will refer you to specialized attorneys who deal with family law.
Contact us for more details…

Lighting Design/Décor

Special Lighting can create dramatic effects and take your event to the next level. From little pin spots to full stage effects, our talented designers can create a custom solution keeping in mind your budget. Besides our inventory, our extensive network of lighting supply houses can provide the necessary equipment that you may require.
Let’s work together to bring your project to fruition. Contact us for more details…

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Linen & Fine Fabrics

We provide fine linen and fabrics to dress up your special event. It’s one of the inexpensive ways to decorate for your special occasion. We will work with you on the different color schemes, fabric selection and layering. The difference will be night and day. Contact us for more details…

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Location Finding

This service can be ordered individually or part of our Event Planning service. There are many questions to answer to when it comes to choosing the right location for your event. We help you navigate all the selections and all the confusion that comes with it.
In addition to well-known locations, we have a database of exceptional locations that are available to the motion picture industry and are also available to private individuals for rent. On top of that, we also have flexible space for a creative event.
Contact us for more details…


From denominational to non-denominational officiates, we will help you find the right person for your wedding. Our list of approved vendors can be a great start.
Contact us for more details…

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Origami Design/Décor

Due to the growing popularity of Japanese/Asian décor, we have in house designers who can assemble small to large special paper folded décor. We will work with your vision and make your dreams a reality.
Contact us for more details…

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Party Rentals

From basic tables and chairs to elaborate configurations, we can provide you the right rental equipment for a great party. Besides rentals, we can provide party supplies to complement your party. Contact us for more details…

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A good photographer knows how to take pictures with the right equipment and the right lighting. A great photographer also knows what pictures to take and the appropriate moments. We have a great photography service with our in-house artists. Together with our expertise, we manage all parties to gather for photos and help the photographers manage all the important pictures. We carry back-up digital equipment as well as great albums to choose from. Please contact us for our packages and pricing details…

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Depending on your event or location requirements, we can set up all the security services you may require. From personal to corporate needs, we can take care of it all.
Regular armed or un-armed security guards are available as well as off-duty police officers, EMT’s, paramedic technicians and private body guards are also available.
Please contact us to plan your special requirements…


Need someone to waiter or to cook? We are able to staff based on your event’s requirements. The experienced staff will come dressed ready for work with full insurance coverage. Please contact us for more details…

Themed Parties/Events

We would love to work with you on your themed party or special event. We have so many selections to choose from, your imagination can be brought to life with specialty props, costumes, party supplies and so much more. We can also help with the entertainment selection as well as provide skilled performers and specialized catering.
Please contact us for more details…

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No need to stress on your transportation needs. We can coordinate limousine bookings from 4 people to 20+, specialty limo SUV’s, corporate cars, luxury limo coaches, luxury limo buses, exotic car rentals, helicopter rides and even private jet requirements.
Private or Corporate, call us for all of your logistical requirements…

Valet Parking

Depending on the location or party requirements, we can supply skilled valet parking attendants to park cars, manage parking space, direct traffic, assure pedestrian safety and so much more. Please contact us for more details…

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Our in-house videography crew can capture the essence of your special event with the utmost care for details. Countless hours are spent editing raw footage for the ultimate DVD ensemble complete with a picture slide show, edited footage, full menu screen, and much more is added if required. For an additional cost, have fun and add your own music video about you and your loved one!
Please contact us for package details…

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